Ray Bradbury

Short Fiction

A collection of science fiction and fantasy stories by Ray Bradbury ordered by date of publication.

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Ray Bradbury is a giant of science fiction and fantasy. His childlike imagination, yearning for Mars, and love of all that is scary, horrible, and mysterious, reverberate throughout modern speculative fiction and our culture as a whole.

He has received countless awards including the Sir Arthur Clark Award, the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement, an Emmy Award, and a National Medal of Arts. Along with terrestrial honorary street names, there are many extraterrestrial locations named in Bradbury’s honor such as Bradbury Landing, the landing site of the Mars Curiosity rover.

Some of his first published stories appear in Futuria Fantasia, a fanzine he created when he was 18 years old. All of his stories published in Futuria Fantasia are included in this collection. This collection also includes stories written well into his career, like “Zero Hour,” a story that was later republished in his famous collection The Illustrated Man.