Short Works

A collection of Epictetus’s short works.

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Born enslaved and lamed by his master, Epictetus studied Stoic philosophy while in bondage. Once freed, he survived Domitian’s banishment of all philosophers from Rome to settle in Greece, where he founded a school of philosophy. He quickly rose to prominence as a renowned Stoic scholar and teacher, and even though he was personally favored by emperors, he kept a simple life.

While most of Epictetus’s writings were compiled in the Discourses by his student Arrian of Nicomedia, his writings were also summarized in a short manual called the “Enchiridion.” A short handbook with practical suggestions on how to live a good and satisfying life, it remained popular for centuries with translations to different languages completed as early as 1493, and was even a common school text in Scotland during the 18th century.

This Modern Serial edition collects the “Enchiridion” together with Epictetus’s miscellaneous fragmentary teachings.